Best planners for the year 2020

Planning forms an important part of every person’s life – be it old or young, small or an adult, day-to-activities require proper schedules to be followed.

In this digital age, do you remember the last time you used a paper? Do not laugh, for this isn’t something you are accustomed to. Mobiles now are neatly stitched into your lives, and it takes no time for monotony to creep in. They have taken over most of the tasks and it goes without saying that they have now been integral to our regular affairs.

All your everyday life goes into mobiles, and notebooks, planners and diaries are hence, diminishing. With it, is reducing the habit of writing down. Nostalgia is factor that always steps in, especially the moment you pick up a pen or a pencil and considering writing down.

Scientists have proved that writing by hands forces you to slow down and approach your thoughts with more, clarity, and more mindfulness. This is a cost-effective perk that you receive without much investment.

Planners are the best takeaways

After spending years of your life into digitizing, making a transition can be exhausting and vexing through. But you wish to make a switch, you can consider the ways mentioned ways:

  1. 1.   Use it to organize your budget

Planner agenda run the gamut on pricing. You would love to purchase those beautiful planners that have astounding planner design, planner logo but sometimes be unsure of their frequent usage, simply because it isn’t inculcated in our habit.

Arpan A4 planners 2020 are one of those key essentials you need to have in your bucket list. With beautiful designs and logos, these have a potential to make space in your bag as well as heart.

Be it your daily chores, writing your to-do list etc. we have it all.

  1. 2.   Helps being proactive instead of reactive

You are better prepared with what to and not to mention while you sit to write. Plus the research that writing helps you in mind-mapping and you recollect things better, isn’t just a theory, but is a proven one.

  1. 3.   You can keep things handy

Family planners set out clear agendas for your daily or weekly schedules – they collectively set goals for family activities. This can be family excursions, family tours or general family outings. Also, against each tour, you can manage your expenses using A4-sized Arpan family planners.

With New Year, arrive new plans and to organize them, you need a companion that stays with you in all your decisions. Especially in our homes, we have that maternal figure who ends up tracking everyone’s schedule, be it the football practice or the play date. For them, Planners 2020 can be a respite since activity management becomes easy and relaxed and keeping a track never remains a headache, for you always have a reference.

  1. 4.You relieve mental stress

Keeping a planner doesn’t mean you have to just track deadlines, assignments, and goals. You can track your mood, your sleep, your hygiene habits.

Making a planner is as equal as making a therapy workbook. You can write your assignments and include them in your planner.

In addition, you can make some personal goals to directly improve your physical health and put those in your planner. Do you want to lose some weight? Make a diet chart!

  1. 5.You will learn do’s and don’ts

Planning is very important, and it is advisable to spend a fraction of your day setting things up. One you start amending your planner, take out one thing for a day, try to live with the adjustment until you feel like you’re back on track again!


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