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Why Vintage photoframes should top your list

“Wait, let me show you his picture, It must me in my cellphone”, are the words of every parent while narrating their children a piece of their childhood tragedy. You pull out your device and start searching for their picture whilst the conversation takes a dip and the curiosity perishes eventually. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and we often keep these words buried deep into a device where the algorithms might eventually remind you to get rid of them so as to free up some space. Well, it’s time you start preserving them in concrete form so as to get rid of virtuality.

“It’s the frames which make some things important and some things forgotten. It’s all only frames from which the content rises. ”


Everyone has memories worth preserving. These memories are often captured into pictures and left as it is. Let it be an amazing trip you had with your friends or the moments from your child’s infant days, these pictures have a contrasting values as compared to other moments and unlike them, need to be manifested the same way. This what framing a picture does, it preserves the vintage touch and these truckloads of nostalgic moments and make sure you get the same sentiment everytime you take stroll around your house and watch these Photo frames.


A child’s journey from being toothless, to milk teeth and eventually the permanent ones is a journey which accounts for many memories. What if these memories could be captured in a single frame and every moment of the child’s growth would be presented. This is where photocubes come into play. The pictures of any event describing a timeline of the growth of a child, can be exhibited as a collaged pictured which has to be hung in the bedroom and choosing the photoframes for bedrooms!

A House without walls?

Suppose you visit an Art Gallery, full of art but where the paintings are just a piece of art hanging on the wall just as simply as a sheet of paper which your kid just painted in his art class. Looks dull and not so sheeny, right? Well this is what happens when the pictures in your house are just hanging around just like a piece of hard paper printed with radiant colors. Frames on the other hand, provide luscious appearance and enhance the beauty of the words these pictures assert.

Frame the gifts

Memories are great gifts as we can store them deep in our hearts. Memories of two people growing up together and one of them finally getting married are something that can be treasured for very long. So, have youever looked for the perfect present while going for the wedding of the same person? We all have pictures together during different stages of our life. At these times, Photoframes can be a perfect present as they will always convey a message of togetherness to your beloved one.

Frames make your photos stand out even more

A photo in itself is a work of art, but there’s just something about a framed photo that makes it even more impressive. Be it your child’s first painting or a crafty moment. The frame that you choose can add feelings to your thoughts about the particular photos. Choose the perfect texture, style and color that will work best for your cherished memory.

Framing a Picture is much more than protecting it!

You might ever come across a dull picture which might be close your heart and you even want to frame it to keep it before your eyes, but the soberness might halt you from doing the same. Well that is another advantage of using photoframe as it adds more definition as well as color to the pictures that lack brightness and vividness but have wry emotions that can’t be ignored. Claris photoframes provide a wide range of photo frames online to help you out everytime!


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