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ARPAN Top Selling Wedding Photo Albums

‘That photo might me in another album’, says every mom while lifting a hefty, old fashioned photo album while her enthusiasm overshadows the musty design of the album.

”Some albums comprise of memories, some stories, and some emotions. A Wedding album comprises all of them exquisitely.”

Wedding day holds a true importance in each of our lives. The day offers us so many beautiful memories, which we often capture and suppose to preserve the same way.


As a parent, looking at your kid develop through different stages of the life and finally one day, you get in the hassle of their marriage preparations. The day your child gets into ‘a pair shoes’ deserves a nice present on their wedding. What is better than a wedding album to make your child cherish the memories of this day for the following years?

Arpan Wedding albums are perfectly customised to make sure you take the credit of the perfect gift on their wedding.


As a bride or bridegroom you are about to spend the rest of your life with someone you love, someone you care about. The day you get bonded into your relationship of this love, you will treasure this for the rest of your lives, together. A lot of ‘Thank you’ will be followed after this day but none may be as equally important as this one. This day, is the perfect day for someone to express their love for the other one with you beautiful THANK YOU gift. A wedding album is a true reminder to you, and your better half of how much significance this day holds in both of your lives.


‘I know all of your secrets’- said by every childhood friend. A childhood friend is the one who shares every frame, be it in happiness or photo frames in both of the houses. From sharing every moment of cry to the moments of adolescence and eventually your friend finally marries the love of their life, nothing dominates the value of happiness of this day. This day, you finally bid adieu to the fact of being the only person holding their secrets. This day, every childhood friend, wants to convey the bride and the bridegroom of the happiness, they deserve to be together. A wedding album shall not only work as a material gift in this case, but instead, remind your friend of the beauty of your deep-rooted friendship which you share forever.



‘That person is not the right one for you’- said by every best friend on this planet at some point of friendship. From being together while deleting an ex’s pictures after a breakup, to finally posing for a candid at your best friend’s wedding, has a story to tell. Being a best man at a wedding of someone you care might be the most delightful feeling ever, but it also comes with the question of what will the Ideal Best Man gift? Every eye at the wedding shall be embracing the friendship of the Best man and the Bridegroom, when the Best Man gift one of the most wonderful photo albums to their loved one.


A photographer is the most called person at a wedding. Every precious moment from when the Bride walks down the Aisle, while her Bridesmaid holds her attire from the behind, to eventually the moment when The Bride and the Bridegroom hold their hands while taking each of their wedding vows, a photographer holds the responsibility of capturing every moment. Capturing photos is followed by choosing the pictures from pre-wedding and wedding shoots, an ornamenting them into a beautiful album. This is what luxury every photographer would ardour to have with vast choice of decorated wedding albums from Arpan wedding albums section.


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