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How to Preserve Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are incredibly versatile — they can be used to store items in a variety of practical ways. From gift hamper baskets and decorative sets of storage baskets to waste paper baskets, laundry baskets and jewellery baskets, there is a use for every shape and size wicker basket. As well as organising and storing your items, wicker baskets also add a warm and decorative touch to any home.

Once you have your beautiful wicker baskets, what’s the best way to preserve them to ensure they last the long-haul? Below, we take a closer look at what wicker baskets are made from and how to look after them.

What Is Wicker?

Wicker is the term for any piece of woven furniture. It’s important to note that wicker is the weaving technique — not a material. Instead, the natural material commonly used for indoor wicker items is rattan. Bamboo, willow and reed can also be used.

Rattan is a type of vine that grows in the shape of a pole. When it’s matured, the strong, solid cane is harvested and cut into lengths. Rattan has a strong and durable core and it comes in a variety of natural colours, which makes it a popular material for manufacturing furniture.

Why is Wicker Furniture Popular?

Due to its elasticated and comfortable feel, as well as its appealing appearance, natural wicker furniture has been popular for many years. Natural wicker offers plenty of creative avenues as designers can experiment with natural hues and different patterns. To take it one step further, wicker furniture can even be stained or painted in an array of colours after been sanded and sealed.

How To Preserve Wicker Baskets?

Natural wicker can deteriorate quite quickly — especially under wet conditions as it can stretch or break the weave. So, it’s critical to look after wicker baskets properly. You’ll find most wicker products are made to be used indoors to keep them away from moisture and out of direct sunlight. These precautions are half the battle as keeping wicker baskets inside will protect them against the elements.

To maintain the quality of your wicker baskets, follow these four steps:

1. Empty your wicker basket.

2. Use a dry microfibre cloth to wipe down your wicker basket. This will remove any dust or light grime. For this step, you could also use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

3. If your wicker baskets require a deeper clean, dampen your microfibre cloth with warm water and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid. Don’t oversaturate the cloth as this can create too much moisture and damage the wicker. Pay special attention to the base and don’t be afraid of gently getting in there between the weaves.

4. Leave your wicker basket to air dry or use a different dry cloth. Only add your items back inside once the wicker basket is dry.

Can I Use My Wicker Baskets Outside?

If you want to use your wicker baskets outside — perhaps in the porch for your gardening gloves or the kid’s toys — you can add a few weather-resistant coatings to protect them. Alternatively, synthetic resin wicker is the better option to use outside as it looks like glossy natural wicker, yet it is similar to plastic.

To ensure your wicker baskets last a long time, add them into your cleaning routine every two-to-three weeks.

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