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5 Creative Photo Frames to Showcase Your Memories

A photograph is a memory captured forever. It can store emotion and feelings, so it’s a lovely sentiment to display for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to frame treasured moments, here are five creative ideas absolutely anyone can try. Pick your favorite photographs and select the perfect frame to add some beautiful nostalgia into your home.

1. Clock Photo Frames

Keep your eye on the time and track your memories over the years using a decorative clock photo frame. This functional yet fabulous wall display is a special way to look up at the photos that make you smile.

We especially love the photo frame wall clock with 12 photos — one for every hour. This metaphoric clock would look gorgeous next to a relatable quote on the wall such as “Time spent with family is worth every second.”

2. Modern Photo Frames

With so many modern home interior styles to choose from, our modern photo frames come in an array of colours, shapes, sizes and materials to fit exactly what you need. Not only can you add multiple photos to one frame (up to 12!), but many of our designs include fun word art such as memories, home, family, girl and boy.

We’re a big fan of the family tree style frame as this is a lovely, creative way to add photos of your parents, siblings and children — the branches of your family.

3. Vintage Photo Frames

If you prefer to showcase your photos with handmade or organic charm, then you’ll adore our vintage photo frame collection. Many of the frames use a solid bamboo, which is versatile enough to work well with any interior design. These frames are a wonderful option for older photos that deserve a viewer’s undivided attention — no frills required.

4. Hinged Photo Frames

Nowadays, photography is often considered to be an art form, so why not present your pictures in the same way? Let your photos tell a story through a series of images. For example, you could showcase a sunrise in action through a variety of photos taken in the same spot over 30 minutes. Another idea is to showcase your little one at different ages — one picture for each year. Or, if you have the perfect portrait photo of your partner, add in the funny outtakes too as they’ll add context to the moment.

This rustic hanging hinged photo frame is ideal for this creative idea as you can add four different photos directly underneath each other. Give it a go!

5. Multi-Aperture Photo Frames

In today’s world, it’s so easy to get photographs — just point and click with the phone in your hand. While this is fantastic, it does mean we can be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking which ones to frame. Fortunately, we’ve made those decisions a whole lot easier with our range of multi-aperture photo frames.

Choose between adding three, four, ten and twelve photographs to each frame — it’s completely up to you! They can be in a straight line — both portrait and horizontally — or you can use your photos to create a border around your preferred frame wording, such as “memories”. This personalised photo frame is a great option as it holds eight pictures and you can personalise the text in the middle using glue-on A-Z letters. Add names, your favourite quote, the name of a holiday or even the year when the photos were taken.

Photo frames also make for a wonderful gift idea as you can even add in some treasured photos you know the recipient will love.

At Claris World, we supply a wide range of creative photo frames to showcase your memories. Browse our photo frames collection to make your home picture-perfect.

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