Couples Wall Calendar January to December – Year Planner for Two

Couple Calendar

Arpan couple calendar is a place where you can make memories, plan and give structure to your personal space.

Often people forget to spend time with their partners because of their busy schedules. One can incorporate the habit of spending time together using a couple calendars. It is quite easy to use. There are 12 months allotted with “ME”, “YOU” and “WE” columns.

There are many ways a couple can use this calendar to enhance their relationship.

As a couple, we tend to have two different personalities. At times we may feel clash in our relationship because of that. Sometimes we want to change our habits so that it doesn’t harm the other half. It would be better if you work on things together. It is impossible to have just fault from one person. No one is born perfect. We work on our habits, character, skills and much more

Here is the list of things we can put it down on a couple calendar for a beautiful and smooth relationship

  • Habits to build
  • Activities to stay energized
  • Make better plans and decision
  • Improved connection

Habits to build

A partner can help another partner to build a new skill or habit. If one partner wants to lose weight the other can help him by doing exercise along with him/her. There are many such habits that we can incorporate in our lives with the help of our life partner. Maybe you want to keep track of all expenses and incomes. Help each other to record income and expenses. Healthy habits can lead to a healthy happy and harmonious relationship. Habit can be formed for any area of your life, be it health, finance, career, spiritual, etc.

Activities to stay energized

There are times when you can feel that you both don’t enough time to spend together. Why not enroll in a class in which you both enjoy or benefit each other emotionally and physically. Join the salsa class to have a healthy relation and fit body. Take your couple calendar markdown days and dates so that you do not miss any of the class and quality time together which enhances skill and your relationship as well.

“Couples who laugh together, last together – Dr. John Gottaman”

Make better plans and decisions.

When you mark down a day for planning finance, you guys know how much to spend and save. You also get to know your priorities. What values to each other and what is important. Mutual planning can save you time and money. Plan your day to day activities, monthly plans, weekly plans, anniversaries, birthdays, events, etc.

“Two are better than one if two act as one” – Mike Krzyzewski

Improved connection

When you put your energy in your relationship, you achieve a harmonious relationship. Couple calendar is designed in such a way that in your day to day busy life you do not forget to time to your life partner. After all the couple vow to stay with each other throughout.

“A true relationship is the one in which both parties stay close together even when it’s stormy.”


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