Benefits of using sticky notes

Benefits of using sticky notes

Sticky notes are a useful tool for anyone be it student, mother, entrepreneur or any person. It makes our life easy, productive and simpler. We focus on complicated things, but life is all about doing simple little things. These post it notes can remember the important little things which we tend to forget in our day to day schedules

Benefits of sticky notes

  • Reminds us everything
  • Sorted and organized
  • Creative space
  • Improves connections

Remind us everything

Sticky notes can be used in many places fridge, desktop, cupboard, on doors, walls, etc. I usually keep a sticky note on the gate. Before leaving I can check on a few things. I have kept a sticky note where I have written few points like Switch off fans and lights, check gas pipeline, check water tap, take clothes for pressing, etc. occasionally I add up things like take this garment for stitching, etc. it helps me to reduce stress in the hustle-bustle of the day. Colors are vibrant and it pops up the brain and gives the signal to take important notes

“Men more frequently required to be reminded than informed”

  • Samuel Johnson

Sorted and organized

Place a sticky note in places where you have look very often. This can help your mind sorted and keep your place organize and neat. In a busy schedule, we tend to forget things often. You can use the sticky note as a reminder with a description of which place has what stuff. It can save you time. A quick fix in the morning to start your day right.

“Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.”- Henry David

Creative space

Get your mind working creatively and decorate your room, cupboard or any space with messages graphic and miniature art. Neon vibrant color can give that desired look to make space look more funky and creative. It can make the task more fun to do when a bigger task is chopped into tiny ones

” You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

Improved connection

Use these sticky notes to pass on messages to your kids, partners or any member in the family. You can place a sticky note in your kid’s writing down a list of things to be done and a simple heart-warming message. Simply write “love you” note for your loved ones before you step out of office. It can make someone’s day and hence double the joy. When sent a request on a hand-written note. It is most likely to be approved as it adds a personal touch to the message

” Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom” – Marcel Proust

Sticky notes are very cost-effective and can be used for highlighting important message for its vibrant color it adds contrast to the standard books. 

We live in a digital age, where several digitals apps have been designed to be more productive but nothing can beat handwriting information. It processes our brains to remember more, slows down our thought process, helps to retain information for a longer time. Moreover, these vibrant hues color attract the eyes and before looking at the message we remember what we have written. So never underestimate this little stationery which can help students, mothers, entrepreneurs, workers, kids, working women, employees, employers, artists, designers and every person who wants to remember and retain information at right time.

There are many ways one can use sticky notes. Use while reading and writing, making a to-do list, listing important dates, appointments, events and much more.

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