11 Stationery essentials for every office

Although we live in a digital era, technology can never replace the use of traditional stationery. We are surrounded by stationery and we use it every day. The process of holding a pen and writing a note reflect deeper connection, taking the time out to think through words and create a meaning message that can’t simply be changed by modern technology. The traditional way of storing the document in the folder is much more convenient.

Check out these 11-stationery essential for every office or workplace.

Pen, Pencil & Pen Holders

The most important stationery items that I believe should be on everyone’s list are Pen and pencil. it is a go-to item for almost anyone now. Be it a conference meeting at any other meeting; you need a pen to jot down the essential points. It is also used for signing important documents. Pencils are essential as well. Many of them prefer a pencil over the pen to edit the document further or to create a rough copy. One can use a colored pencil to brighten up the document you are working on.

Sharpeners and Erasers

Do remember to have sharpeners and erasers if u have a pencil. There are manual sharpeners, automatic battery-operated sharpener, Automatic sharpeners with UK Plug and they are available in vibrant colors as well.

Pen & Pencil Cases.

Have a clutter-free desk with this beautiful pencil cases. You can use them to keep other tools as well.

Files andFolders.

Files and folders are vastly used in any organization to organize and secure any important documents. They are necessary to keep all the documents sorted. Expanding files come with 13 pocket folders so that the documents are neatly organized. they come in various colors and are ideal for any office


Envelopes are Essential for securing and distributing important documents such as invoices, bills, legal documents, photos, and artwork. These envelopes can be used for a variety of occasions. Use to sort or Store documents. Arpan manila envelopes are a staple in any office or institute. Lightweight construction ensures the shipping cost stay cost-effective.

Pocket Sleeve

The pocket sleeve keeps the documents organized professionally. pocket sleeves are generally, less expensive and appropriate for light use. Transparent Pocket sleeves enable oneself to see through the papers that are kept inside it. The file’s front and the back part are made of plastic which can be seen easily.


Planners should be on the top list. It helps to stay organized. Daily, monthly and weekly planner is designed to achieve goals faster and work with efficiency. It is a simple way to organize teamwork.

Visitor Book

The visitor book helps us track our customers. It is one of the most widely used products in any office. A quality visitor book gives a good impression of your organization.


A marked calendar sitting on a desk is very useful for any organization. Set meetings or to pay bills on time or set time for particular task calendars are a must. it is one of the most important stationery items.

Sticky notes

sticky note is a little tool that comes in Bright Assorted Neon Colors as a reminder. They also come in wide varieties. For professional use, sticky memo note with index bookmark, sticky memo note set with calculator and sticky memo note desk organizer with index bookmark are best.

Conference Folder

Great for business conferences and traveling as it is secure enough to keep important documents safe and organized. It is a must for a businessperson.

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