Plan your Best Week. (8 Benefits & 6 Steps)

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A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow – George S. Patton

With a lot of distraction today, it has become important to plan for everyone. Be it a student, mother, entrepreneur. We all indulge in multiple tasks, which can lead to distraction. To excel in all the areas of life Spiritual, Financial, Career, Fitness, Social, planning is vital. You deserve a fulfilling life. There are various types of daily, weekly and monthly planners are available.

Weekly Planner

People who love to write day to day activities would prefer daily planners. Weekly planners are designed for people who want to take a glance at the entire week in two pages. Daily planners are too informative whereas monthly planners leave very little space for important details, here comes the importance of weekly planner. Weekly planner has improved the lives of students, entrepreneurs, mothers, and teachers. To lead a beautiful life give 100%. when you are at the office, focus on your work. When you are at home, focus on helping and supporting your loved ones.

Know Yourself

You are unique. You have great potential to achieve anything you want. You need a journal to let your heart speak out. You deserve a beautiful life. We forget about our hobbies and interest and busy hustling the entire day and wasting most of our evenings on tv or phone. It’s time we take charge of your life. week by week accomplish everything.


Benefits of using a Weekly planner

  •  Increases Productivity

Weekly planner focuses on the most important task which is likely to increase your productivity level. You want your task to be finished by the end of the week, you will navigate your interest from unwanted task to actual work.

  • Work-Life Balance

When your work life is rocking, you’d probably much happier and home. Happy you will lead to a happy home. Plan for your weekends. Spend quality time with your loved ones.

  • Track your finance

Planning your weekly expenses can also improve your overall financial success. You will work harder to achieve your goals.

  • You have clearly defined weekly goals

You will never feel confused or trapped in your work as now you have beautifully pre-defined week goals.

  • It helps you stay away from “Not so Important Task”

As you know what are your important tasks on hand. You are more likely going to say “no “to not so important task.

  • Saves your time

It saves an ample amount of time from distraction. You won’t feel guilty of checking mobile for email notification or online shopping

  • Tracks your Progress

It is easy to track progress in a weekly planner compared to other ones. You have all the weekly wins designed. Weekly planners are super effective for you to stay top of everything you need to do.

  • Master key habits

When you complete your week task, you feel good and you are compelled to complete the next week. This creates a chain and helps you create a better habit of focusing.

How to use a weekly planner

Pick a day and establish your week to view plan. I prefer the weekend since it allows me to review the previous week’s wins and downs as well as next week’s targets.

Every Sunday evening, I sit down with my planner and view the week ahead. I plan for more general of the task for example, “Generate 2% more target sales”

  1. First, think of all the important task which need immediate attention (Complete assignment, finish sales target, manage portfolio), and then other tasks which are important for you to upgrade to next level (Prepare for the exam, upgrade your website, etc.)
  2. Now, assign activity for your fitness such as – 3 days exercise, 1-day jogging
  3. Assign a task for mental peace – playing guitar, dancing, meditating, reading, brainstorming, or just do nothing, relaxing, anything which calms your mind
  4. Plan something with your family, it can be as small as just having a conversation with them or a date night. Depending on your workload, allot a portion of your week with your loved ones.
  5. Once you decide the task, now allot timing for each one. In the beginning, it is going to take some brain work, gradually it will be habitual.
  6. Track your habits and see if you can replace the bad one with a good one. You can work on yourself one by one.

After completion of one week its time to celebrate and reward yourself, before that calculate your weekly wins, and create next week improvement list and plan your weekends as well.


It is all about living a fulfilling life, once you have started using a weekly planner you will never question yourself again” where did my week go? or where did my time fly?” You will feel productive and motivated to plan.


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